Top web conferencing tools for distributed teams

With more teams working remotely than ever, web conferencing is essential for facilitating meetings that otherwise would have taken place face to face, keeping businesses connected with their teams and engaged with their clients from any location.

What is web conferencing?

A web conference is a visual, virtual meeting between two or more people online using web conferencing software. This software has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years, developing from simple one-to-one video calls between two people, to the current solutions which offer one-to-many conferences with functionality like screen sharing and recording, and even audience interaction through live polls and instant messaging.

Choosing the right web conferencing solution for your business

When considering the best video conferencing tool for your business, it’s important to factor in how many people will need to use the tool, what functionality you need it to provide, and the security standards of the platform.

To decide on the software best suited to your team, it may be helpful to ask yourself:

  • What type of meetings do you mostly facilitate? For example, will you be hosting webinars or conferences with many attendees, or do you most often meet with people one on one?
  • Will you be sharing secure company data over the platform?
  • Will you be communicating with external stakeholders too?

We’ve rounded up some of the web conferencing tools that we believe offer the best functionality, capabilities and security standards, and are the easiest to roll out and navigate for teams working from home. 

Microsoft Teams

More than just a web conferencing tool, Microsoft Teams is a complete unified communication platform that allows real-time collaboration through file sharing, video meetings and instant messaging. Taking over from Skype for Business and fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams is a fairly new enterprise-level video conferencing tool, ideal for teams who often need to share documents and work on files and projects at the same time.  

Best for: internal teams who collaborate and work on projects simultaneously.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is one of the original video conferencing tools, allowing users to easily schedule meetings and invite attendees.  A key benefit of Cisco video conferencing is that attendees can participate by clicking a link rather than having to install the software on their own devices, making the tool ideal for those who frequently meet with external customers. 

Best for: businesses who frequently schedule and host meetings with internal and external clients. 


Lifesize video conferencing offers best in market audio and video quality for online conference calls, with resolutions up to 4K. With a focus on security, this video conferencing system uses independent third-party security and privacy certificates and encrypts meetings and calls end to end. Lifesize allows users to live stream meetings and record sessions, making it ideal for businesses who facilitate presentations internally and externally.

Best for: businesses that host webinars and conferences and need the best visual and audio quality possible.

The tech experts at Telstra Technology Centre Melbourne South are here to help you choose the video conferencing solution best suited to your business’ unique needs. Call us on 1300 669 103 or email us at to get your web conferencing connected today.

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