In a constantly changing and evolving market, it’s essential for businesses to leverage technology to define their competitive edge. Whether it’s cloud storage, mobility, security or managed services, trust the experts at Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South to identify and deliver the technology solutions aligned to your business.
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Business solutions

Within our technology pillars, we identify, deliver, and manage big solutions for small business. From cloud apps and storage, to cyber security solutions, we’ll tailor technology to fit your business. See some of the solutions we create below.

Whether fixed or mobile, private or public, you need data to run your business. To that end, when we refer to Connectivity, we mean your mobile, landline and internet. Connectivity covers the things you might consider to be core Telstra services. Our team can help you access the right connectivity solution for your business.

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The Network pillar refers to the infrastructure that enables all of your devices to connect and talk to each other. We define the network as all the devices and components that sit inside your business, both in your physical offices and in the palms of your employees’ hands. As a Telstra premium channel partner, we can access the right network for your business.

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Collaboration is the cornerstone of how internal and external stakeholders communicate. Essentially, Collaboration refers to the technology that helps enable individuals and groups to work efficiently, whether they are on site or working remotely. There are thousands of providers in this space, but some of the more well-known solutions include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. Our dedicated team can assist with needs analysis, scope definition, application selection and deployment and/or migration.

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With all of these devices connecting and collaborating on your network, how will you help secure your organisation against cyber crime? As with the Collaboration pillar, there are a number of security solution providers, each with a unique offering. We partner with world-leading vendors to deliver the right the solution for your business. Our security specialists can assess your business and help mitigate risk by implementing security solutions.

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From identifying the right vendor, to configuring a product to suit your needs, leverage our expertise to bring your technology ecosystem together. We’re here to identify, implement and optimise your technology solutions to align with the needs of your business.

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