Microsoft Teams announces new features for users

Microsoft Teams is one of the most secure and trusted conferencing and collaboration platforms on the market, allowing real-time collaboration through file sharing, video meetings and live chat. With more and more people now working remotely, the popularity of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed, with the platform now hosting 44 million daily users. Microsoft has this month announced new features for users, as well as some updates to expect later this year. 

See more people at once in web meetings

Following requests from users, Teams have brought in the ability to view nine video streams simultaneously, making Microsoft Teams web conferencing a viable option for larger groups. Previously, only four streams were able to be viewed at once. Microsoft has also announced it will be continuing to work on this feature to further increase the number of videos that can be viewed in a meeting. 

Attendance report and meeting interactions

Meeting organisers now have the ability to produce an attendance report that lists all attendees and the time they joined and left the meeting – particularly useful for organisations who need to track attendance for training and education purposes. Another feature helpful for this sector is the ‘raise your hand’ button, which allows attendees to click an icon that flags with the meeting facilitator that they have a question. 

Tags to help organise by topic

The Tags feature allows users to add up to 100 different tags to people and files, to assist with organising data and communications related to specific teams or projects. Tags make it easier to ‘@’ mention a whole team or department in Teams chat, rather than individually. 

Real-time noise suppression 

Teams has also announced the introduction of noise suppression technology that uses AI to identify background noise and reduce it. See how the tech works in the video below.

Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with all your other Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Azure. If you would like to get started or want more info on Microsoft Teams pricing, the tech experts at Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South are here to help. Call us on 1300 669 103 or email us at to learn more about Microsoft Teams today. 

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