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Following the reintroduction of stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions, we have again adapted in the way we interact with the businesses we serve.  

As always, the safety of our staff, customers and community is our number one priority. We are taking all possible precautions to keep our team and clients healthy and safe. 

With many businesses now requiring sustained remote working infrastructure to carry out operations, we continue to work to support our clients during this time.

Our field staff are taking all necessary social distancing measures while providing essential services to keep businesses connected.

If you have a confirmed COVID-19 case and have an appointment scheduled with us, we can still assist you via a virtual appointment and help get your workforce online remotely.

As always, we are closely monitoring the current situation and keeping up to date with the latest advice provided by the Australian Government, local health authorities and the World Health Organisation.

We will continue to review our approach and provide updates as new advice comes to hand, and remain available to support businesses in our community. 


The team at Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South

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