Cyber security protection to help safeguard small business

Barton Glass & Mirrors

Security solutions to keep pace with business growth.

Barton Glass is a family-owned commercial glass supplier that has created custom products since 1999. Over that time, the business has grown from a small team to a large organisation spanning multiple locations.

Varun Kumar and his team at Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South have built a solid relationship with Barton Glass over the last 14 years. In this time, Varun’s team has been responsible for supplying and managing the business’s telecommunications systems.

Last year, Varun reached out to Julia Hofbauer, General Manager at Barton Glass, to suggest a cyber security audit.

Cyber security: prioritising protection.

Cyber security has never been more important to businesses. As Barton Glass had grown over the years, they’d worked with a trusted IT consultant to ensure their technology matched their growth. The solutions put in place meant Barton Glass could expand across their multiple sites.

Always forward-thinking, Julia and the team at Barton Glass wanted to double check they were doing everything they could to prepare their business for the future. In particular, they knew it was time to focus on cyber security. When Varun mentioned an audit to the team, they were keen to get started.

They knew that this investigation would not only help Barton Glass to review their current security situation, but also allow them to put plans in place for the future and suggest other possible technology changes that would improve their productivity and efficiency.

“Since we had a long-term relationship with Varun and his team, and knew they were always looking out for our best interests, we felt comfortable trusting them with taking a closer look at our technology. We were keen to review our security systems and ensure we had the right phone lines and printing solutions in place too. We knew technology could make the business more efficient and productive; and that Varun could help us with that.”  

Shevy Manoharan, CFO, Barton Glass

Upgraded solutions for a more secure future.

Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South carried out a comprehensive cyber security and technology solutions audit at Barton Glass. The team then worked collaboratively with the company’s IT consultants to implement the changes.

Actions resulting from the audit included:

  • upgrading their on-site server
  • implementing server backup procedures
  • upgrading WiFi access points across their buildings
  • updating expired Microsoft 365 licences
  • installing new printing systems
  • implementing a secure VPN so that staff could work from home as needed

“We worked collaboratively with Barton Glass’s IT consultants to deliver a fantastic solution for them. Together we helped implement future-ready technology plans and security.”  

Varun Kumar, General Manager, Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South

Peace of mind to get on with running the business safely.

The changes implemented after the audit mean that Barton Glass’s technology now operates on a secure platform that gives them day-to-day peace of mind. Their secure VPN had immediate benefits once COVID restrictions came into force, allowing staff to easily switch to working from home. For the teams that remained in the factories, changes such as the new printing systems sped up their processes by delivering worksheets at record speed.

In addition to the short-term benefits, Barton Glass’s new solutions see them well placed for the future.

“We appreciated that Varun came to us with a solution, not just a problem. Having been part of our team for so long, he knew the details of what we needed after only a few simple discovery sessions. Implementing the audit findings has ensured that our technology not only serves us now, but will continue to serve us into the future.”  

Shevy Manoharan, CFO, Barton Glass

“We’ve been partners with Barton Glass for nearly 14 years. We’re pleased that we could help them not just with their telecommunications needs, but also with their technology and security needs.”  

Varun Kumar, General Manager, Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South

What does the future hold?

Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South will continue to be a trusted partner for Barton Glass. The business relies on Varun’s team not only as a telecommunication provider, but also for advice on anything to do with technology.

Words of advice.

Shevy’s advice to any company, big or small, is to talk to, and trust, technology experts. It’s natural for you to focus on your core business, but it’s also vital to have a trusted technology partner who knows what needs to be checked.

The team at the Telstra Business Technology Centre Melbourne South can audit your cyber security and technology set-up, review your current situation and help you to implement solutions to future-proof your business.

“It’s important to realise that as your business grows, your technology needs will also change. Having someone you can trust to give you the right advice and make sure your business is secure is invaluable. Varun and his team’s customer service is above and beyond what you’d expect from a provider. It’s so refreshing to work with people who take responsibility in the way they do.”  

Shevy Manoharan, CFO, Barton Glass

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