5 iPhone 13 Pro features to
help you work smarter

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These days, having a smartphone is like having a tiny, powerful computer in your pocket. With each new generation of phones, processing power becomes stronger – to the point where there’s not much that the latest smartphones can’t do. 

From a personal device perspective, the smartphone features that are usually promoted are the quality of the camera, and the processing capability for things like gaming. But there are some impressive features for business use, too. 

To celebrate the release of the iPhone 13 Pro, we’ve compiled some hidden business features that you may not have heard of. If you and your team use mobile phones for work, whether in the office or on the road, check out some of these ways you can work smarter with Apple’s latest devices.

Top 5 iPhone 13 Pro features for business

1. Copy from your iPhone 13 Pro, paste to another Apple device

Have you ever emailed or texted yourself to share images or text between devices? With Universal Clipboard, you can take out the middle step by ‘copying’ from one Apple device and ‘pasting’ the same content in another Apple device. If you use multiple Apple devices like an iPhone and an iPad, Universal Clipboard is a game changer.

2. Separate work and personal with Dual SIMs

With Dual SIMs, you can use two phone numbers on one device – ideal if your work phone is also your personal phone. And, if you manage your workforce’s mobile fleet, the eSIM feature of iPhone 13 Pro makes it even easier for you to remotely deploy devices for your team.

3. Experience faster collaboration with Telstra’s 5G network*

Do you use your work devices to share files, or collaborate with video calling? Boost productivity and communicate in high speed with Australia’s largest 5G network.

4. Get your team on the same page with Group FaceTime

Easily bring your team together in one place with Group FaceTime. With screen sharing functionality coming in iOS 15, you can share information with your team and your customers even when you’re on the go. 

5.Go paperless by scanning and signing in Notes app

Easily transform physical documents to digital, by scanning them in the Notes app. Just tap the camera icon in the app, and scan away. Once you’ve scanned, you can also add comments or sign using the Markup tool – perfect if you need to add your signature to documents but don’t have a printer or scanner handy. 

Add on capability with business apps 

As well as the built-in functionality of the iPhone 13 Pro, there are hundreds of business applications available to iPhone users in the App Store. From Microsoft Outlook for emailing, to Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex for real-time collaboration and video calling, there are many tools you can use to unlock additional capability for your Apple devices.

Let’s get you connected with the right devices for your business

Want to leverage the latest devices to help your team work smarter? At TBTC Melbourne South, our Business Technology Advisors are ready to help you find the devices that suit your business needs. We take a whole of business approach to business technology, aligning our recommendations to your specific strategic goals. 

To learn more about the devices that are available, or to access pre-orders for new launches, contact us today. 

* Telstra’s 5G now reaches 75% of Australians. 

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